Sunday, 28 February 2010

Work in progress

35x25 cm
After practicing on teeny tiny papers for months I think it's time to paint something more serious :) Here is my Hong Kong attempt! Surely will be bigger than previous one. Once more I've traced it on the paper but this time, before the first wash, I've used masking fluid for whites. And for the rest... wish me luck :)

Hong Kong

WC and gouache, 18x12 cm
This is not mine, done by my illustrator friend at the office.
The original image is from a postcard. I liked the bright colors of the busy street and beautiful chinese calligraphy. So I did the pencil work and the first wash. But then realized that it was too dark for the first layer and got frustrated a little bit. So my friend has completed it for me to show me that i mustn't give up on any painting...

Safranbolu Houses

WC, 23x30 cm
A present for a close friend is completed... at last! They were on my easel for 1,5 years...

Twenty Minute Challenges

Random images from magazines...

WC, 20x14 cm
WC, 12x15 cm

Recent works

My PC was at the service so I couldn't post lately. But kept practicing and here is what I've done...

WC, 12x18 cm

WC, 35x25 cm

WC, 18x12 cm

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Joseph Zbukvic

A great watercolor painter.
Here is his site:

I've tried one of his paintings. Well... I must study more...

WC, 24x16 cm


WC, 24x16 cm
WC, 16x12 cm