Sunday, 18 April 2010


Lately I'm obbessed with bookbinding. As I'm working in an architectural office we use tones of paper. Of course we recycle waste paper but lots of them blank and I thought they can be recycled in a creative way :) So I started to search about bookbinding on internet. I found lots of blogs and tutorials etc. These are my first tiny tries:
The first one is a coptic binding. It's 6cm width and 7cm height. Cute but I failed about the stitches, they're too loose. I'll give it another try...

And this one has 5cm width and 7,5cm height. Looks like a school kid's project but taught me a lot...

So I'm organizing, tearing, sewing, glueing papers whenever I'm free. As a result of this; no watercolor lately :(

Have a great sunday! :)


Lee said...

What a great idea, Yasmin!
Can't wait to see more of your new projects.

Cacau Jafet said...

Olá Yasmin!
Mabruk! estes trabalhos estão lindos e muito inspiradores.