Sunday, 2 May 2010

Everyday in May 01

I couldn't draw or paint lately... because of work, because of laziness. To force myself to be more creative I'm trying something new: Everyday in May Challenge. Means I'll be drawing something everyday in this month(list is here) and hopefully will continue other months as well.
My handmade "Everyday in May" sketchbook :)
And my first daily challenge: a shoe...


Liz Steel said...

Glad that you are joining in with the fun! Great start!
Love your little kit and little book - perfect. What are the colours in your kit?

rrARTz said...

nice line work, great shoe!

Anna Wolf said...

Nice drawing and really cute sketchbook! What paper do you use? I have thought of binding one myself since I never find one I like, but I never seem to find the time.... (or the skills by the way)

mario said...

e' un esercizio molto duro, io non credo ci riuscirei, ci vuole un grande coraggio!

alissa4102 said...

Hooray - so glad you are joining in - great work !!!

Yasemin said...

Hi Liz,
Thank you and yes, it is really fun. Can't wait to come home and do my daily challenge. My watercolor kits are really tiny. One has earth colors; yellow ochre, burnt siena, burnt amber and indigo. And the other alizarin crimson, lemon yellow, ultramarine blue and payne's gray.

Hi Anna,
Thank you :) I've used canson 160gr for this sketchbook. Bookbinding is fun and it's not that hard, give it a try.

Ciao Mario,
Si, forse e' duro ma in questo modo ogni giorno sento la necessita' di creare qualcosa bella. Altrimenti la vita vola con le cose quotidiane. Sei gia' molto creativo, invece io, sto cercando di disciplinarmi :)

Alissa and rrARTz, thank you both! :)

The Journal Challenge said...

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