Monday, 24 May 2010

So far so good

WC, 50x30 cm
I came this far this weekend and it seems ok to me. The sky is a little bit too dark. And I'm working region by region, which I don't do that on purpose, it just happens. I had much lighter, more loose "image" in mind, but... We'll see how it will turn out...


mario said...

Eh sì questi paesaggi marini sono molto impegnativi, ma mi sembra che li stai affrontando molto bene!!un caro saluto

Lee said...

A wonderful ambitious project! Looks great so far...I really enjoy seeing your progress. It's a bit like standing behind you watching you paint ;)

Yasemin said...

Mario ciao,
Si, esatto! Penso di essere una matta per avermi concentrata su una scena cosi impagnativa... Ma che bel paesaggio! Spero di vale la pena :)

I really like to see the stages of a work... of the others and the mines too. helps to learn a lot... Thank you :)