Sunday, 11 July 2010

I'm back!

Hi friends!

After a long silence finally I'm able to post something.

June passed depressed with work and I couldn't draw/paint anything. I couldn't even write answers to your kind comments to my recent posts. But I surely kept following my favorite blogs and feeling guilty about not being able to have a brush in my hand. Except this simple sketch:

EDIM continues: 27 - Draw a book or anythingelse you want

A friend of mine from the office, went to business trip to Copenhagen and brought us beautiful postcards as souvenir. I choose the one with the photos of the little mermaid on it. What a beautiful and sad story! And what a beautiful statue!

And the second reason for my absence lately: at the 30th of June I ran away to Bodrum for ten days holiday and I'm back this very morning. The only bad part of going on vacation is not being able to take your pets with you I think. I've missed my little ones :) Except this , everything was perfect... the sun, the sea, the food, sleeping, not carrying a watch, throwing away the cell phone, laziness, etc. And drawing of course! I tried to draw/paint everyday. Some of them turned OK, some of them not. But it was great anyway!

I'll be posting my sketches day by day. I would like to know what you think if you find something worth to write about :) Have a great sunday!

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