Sunday, 11 July 2010

Some photos

And finally here are some photos from an unforgetable holiday:
Karaincir/the scene that I sketched

Bougainvillea from our garden

handmade lanterns at Gümüşlük

colors from Gümüşlük

more Gümüşlük

Gümüşlük again :)

cafe at Gümüşlük

fisherman at Gümüşlük

Karaincir bay


Karaincir again

Gümüşlük/you can see the couple walking to "the rabbit island" at the background

inviting huh? :)

PS. Lee, thank you for your comment. It reminded me to add the following note...

Please feel free to use any of these photos as a reference. Paint, draw, sell as you wish :)


Lee said...

Wonderful photos! Material for even more painting :D

Cassie said...

So, looks like your holiday was a blast.. i envy you, honestly.. Well, not in a negative manner, but I wish that during my last vacation, I took more photos. :(

Objecktif Foto

Lee said...

Yasmin, you are so generous! These are places I will never visit so the temptation to paint from your photos may win out...

Elvi said...

Belle foto. A me, che in ogni soggetto
vedo un possibile acquarello, piace molto la sedia. Ciao Elvi

Yasemin said...

Thank you all :) Photos are a good way to refresh memory and a good reference for new paintings...

per favore sentiti libera a usare le foto per un nuovo acquarello. mi fa piacere vedere la sua interpratazione.

Tito said...

Un luogo incantevole. Molto belle le tue foto Yasemin! Ciao!

jane minter said...

super photos yasemin