Sunday, 31 October 2010

New member in the family :)

It has been almost a month now. He is doing great with Vito(the dog), but unfortunatelly no progress with Missy(the cat). Any suggestions?

Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Turkish painter

Happines that comes with "The Sun"

The joy of painting, I got it from my dad. He was a good painter in his youth. But sometimes working life lefts no room for anything else, so he put aside his brushes and pens. After his retirement, finally he was able to find time to pour his colourful world on to paper. Lately he is fond of painting portraits of Hollywood celebrities, and friends also.

This summer he drew a charcoal portrait of a beautiful young lady named Güneş (means "the sun"), the niece of our neighbour. The parents of Güneş loved the portrait and thanked a lot. A few days ago my father received a parcel, full of Bütün Dünya Magazines with the potrait on the back cover. What a beautiful surprise! What an elegant way to say "thank you"!

I love you dad, I'm proud of you! And thank you for sharing your talent with me :)

For more of my dad's works:

For Bütün Dünya Magazine:

Have a happy Sunday!