Sunday, 2 October 2011

This weekend

After my decision to draw/paint more I've made a tiny sketchbook last week. I've divided a sheet of watercolor paper(70x50 cm) to 16 and binded them. The mission is finishing it with sketching daily till the end of month.

for reference photo

I think the size is a little bit too small. But if I can full it this month I'll make a little bigger sketchbook for myself. Don't want to scare myself :)

Do you also scare in front of a blank paper with a pen or brush in your hand?


Sue Pownall said...

Great sketches over these last 3 posts!

yuksel&tulin said...

Bu kadar işin arasında bunları düşünüp uygulamak çok zor bir iş.Eline sağlık.Öptük.

Lee Pierce said...

Love your little book and great sketches! I'm less intimidated by smaller pieces of paper ;^)

BrandNewStudio said...


jane minter said...

the skechbook you've made is super ..small is ok ! beautifully sketches here and below yasemin .